Real Property Disputes

To most people, their houses and land are the most valuable things that they own. Although you might think that you know where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins, chances are that your idea of where your property ends is different than where it legally ends unless you have a clear boundary laid out, such as a fence.

People sometimes don’t realize this and as such, when a dispute arises between two parties over where one person’s land ends and the other’s begins, things can turn heated incredibly fast. 

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How to Define Your Property

To know where your property begins, you must first understand what a property line is. A property line is the line on a county’s tax map that shows where individual units of land are separated from each other. These can be either simple to read or complex.

In suburban neighborhoods or rural areas, property lines can be difficult to define. Although the property line exists on the county’s tax map, there will likely be no such indication of where the property begins and ends when you are there in person. This can make it next to impossible to determine what you own and what you don’t just with the naked eye, especially if the area has seen significant changes to the landscape.

What to Do When a Dispute Happens

Generally, the first step for any legal issue should be to contact a good attorney. However, in the case of a property dispute, it might be a good idea to sit down with the other party and discuss the facts. Assuming both parties come to the meeting prepared with facts, legal documents, deeds and the like, land disputes can sometimes be resolved without getting lawyers involved so long as the tone is kept civil. But if that doesn’t work, then your next step should be to contact a skilled attorney.

Sarasota Real Property Attorney

When a land dispute comes to light, the ensuing battle is rarely a pleasant one. The land that people own is often the most valuable asset that they have and most people will go above and beyond to protect it. When you find yourself in the middle of one of these battles, contacting a lawyer is the best choice of action to make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of.