Trial Practice

Most legal disputes can be resolved without ever reaching a courtroom. That’s the scenario almost every disputer hopes for. After all, keeping your case out of court means saving time, money and a huge headache.

In the business world, disputes are extremely common, and any number of them could wind up in court if the parties involved can’t resolve the issue on their own. Common commercial disputes include those relating to contracts, property, insurance, partnership disagreements, legal malpractice, construction issues and foreclosure, to name a few.

With so many legal variables at play, it pays to have a great attorney on your side who can protect you from disputes, guide you to avoid disputes in the first place and represent you in court if and when a dispute escalates.

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Avoiding Trial

When it comes to legal concerns of any kind, your goal, first and foremost, is to avoid escalating the issue as much as possible. Whether or not the case winds up in court, you will always be better off if you can maintain a diplomatic relationship with all parties involved.

If you feel you aren’t making progress single-handedly, or if the situation escalates, seek legal counsel immediately. With any luck, the attorney you contact will be able to help you reach a fair resolution or to settle the case outside of court. If not, they will already be familiar with your case when the time comes to go to trial.

Going to Trial

Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved without a formal trial. It’s your decision to take a case to court, but there are a few things you need to know in order to prepare:

  • The risks. At our firm, we make a point to be clear about the risks specific to your case. Depending on the circumstances, risks involved could be anything from financial losses to jail time. So get ready for clear and brutally honest counsel, and weigh the risks wisely.
  • Alternate options. Again, it’s always best to avoid a trial if possible. Talk to us about settling out of court or resolving the issue in some other manner. We’ll do all that we can to simplify this stressful time for you.
  • Trial procedure. We’ve all seen movies with dramatic trials in them. There’s generally a large courtroom stuffed with people, an aggressive judge and two well-dressed litigators making long-winded speeches on behalf of their clients. But there are many kinds of trials, and most of them don’t look like the ones you’ll find on Law & Order. Long before your court date, we’ll paint you a realistic picture so that you can mentally prepare.

If your case goes to trial, don’t wait to learn about formal hearings. The more you know what to expect, the better prepared you’ll be for the trial process. And the sooner you seek legal counsel, the sooner your dispute will be settled.

Facing a Trial in Sarasota

At the Law Office of Michael A. France, we don’t just want to represent you in court and send you on your way. We want to get familiar with your case, propose solutions to keep you out of court whenever possible and represent you diligently when it’s not. Furthermore, we want to build a foundation of trust so that, should another legal concern arise, you’ll know who to call.