We use relentless preparation, innovative strategies and strong negotiating skills to achieve positive resolutions.

When Interpretation And Enforcement Of Contracts Require Legal Action

When the implementation of contracted business transactions meets resistance, a wronged party may seek to resolve the dispute through negotiations, mediation or demand letters. When amicable and moderate attempts such as these do not bring about a resolution, litigation is usually the next step.

France Litigation Group helps individuals and businesses pursue the outcomes they need from positions of strength. Our attorneys carefully investigate and strategize in support of our clients’ interests in business-to-business and business-versus-consumer contract disputes. We have earned a strong reputation among past clients, judges and fellow attorneys, who often send us referrals.

The Scope Of Our Contract Litigation Practice

Our law firm does not draft or routinely review contracts. Rather, we immediately address complex disputes aggressively after they have been identified and presented to us for litigation. Conflicts that threaten our clients’ rights and fortunes include:

A favorable outcome for a client may bring payment, force action, erase claims of liability or negate a contract that was defective from the start. Whatever side of a dispute our client is on, we meticulously prepare. When the resolution is slow to come about, we are prepared to take cases to court as needed. Our clients know this and opposing counsel soon recognizes this fact as well. Thanks to our reputation, we are able to settle some cases before trial, but only when the terms are right for our clients.

To Settle Or To Try A Case?

Some law firms – even those that call themselves litigation firms – tend to steer cases toward pretrial resolutions deliberately. We never go into a case assuming this will be the way to justice. We know from experience that the best chance at a fair outcome often lies in the hands of a judge and jury.

We assume we will go before a jury and/or a judge and conduct ourselves accordingly from the start.

Consider Your Options

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