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When Mediation And Negotiations Are No Longer Options In A Partnership Dispute

Like hopeful marriages, business partnerships typically start out with the best of intentions. When, somewhere along the way, high-stakes disputes emerge and prove difficult to resolve by reasonable means, litigation may become the inevitable next step. Representation by a skilled, tough litigator is essential if you hope to resolve a partnership dispute with your best interests intact.

France Litigation Group is an ideal advocate to have on your side when a partnership in Florida is on shaky grounds and an amicable parting of the ways is out of reach. As a 100% litigation firm, we are ready to take up your cause when disagreements over any of the following have resulted in deepening disputes:

  • Business operations
  • Dealings with other businesses or vendors
  • Stocks and stockholder troubles
  • Disagreement over whether to sell a business
  • Disagreement over proportions of ownership and its implications for the business’ direction

Whatever the source of strife between partners, a dedicated trial attorney is the most valuable ally to have on your side. The litigator at our firm is ready to develop a strong, trial-ready case on your behalf.

Might Your Partnership Dispute Settle Out Of Court?

Litigation is costly and may take a long time. Furthermore, through litigation, disputants put their destinies in the hands of judges who do not know them well. A brokered settlement agreement may be in your best interests; if so, we will help you pursue that objective through skillful litigation. However, both you and your legal opponent will need to acknowledge that a trial is a real possibility. This clear understanding can set the tone for success in your case.

A trial often has the potential to yield the most favorable outcome for a plaintiff or a defendant with a strongly litigated position. Our firm works hard to provide clients in partnership disputes with this advantage.

Turn To A Trusted Litigation Firm

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