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Insurance Bad Faith And Other Insurance-Related Legal Disputes

Last updated on November 10, 2020

When insurers stand in the way of policyholders’ rightful benefits after a covered event (such as an accident, a fire or a judgment after a lawsuit), these policyholders may seek justice through legal action, often by bringing insurance bad faith claims. Bad faith claims present evidence that insurers have committed one or more of these wrongs:

  • They undervalue legitimate claims.
  • They deny valid claims.
  • They delay payout for claims in an apparent attempt to discourage the claimant to the point of dropping claims.
  • They fail to meet the terms of properly issued, paid-up insurance policies.

France Litigation Group has built a name for itself as a litigation firm that takes on complex and challenging contract disputes, including insurance-related claims. When we represent a plaintiff, we believe the evidence supports the plaintiff’s claim. We represent clients in insurance bad faith scenarios when we feel confident that we can win on their behalf in a court of law. Then we skillfully and zealously pursue just outcomes.

France Litigation Group Stays Trial-Ready

Some litigation firms are all bark and no bite. They appear to threaten to take cases to court when, in fact, they intend to settle out of court. Our trial lawyers, on the other hand. are committed to take well-documented claims before a judge and jury.

Our law practice consists of 100% litigation. When cases come to our attention, they have reached the point where aggressive advocacy is the only way forward. All clients have our reassurance that we will prepare as if for trial and stay ready until a case is resolved appropriately.

Do Not Undervalue Your Right To Benefits

Plaintiffs in insurance law matters often feel intimidated by insurance companies with large legal teams that try to strong-arm them into believing myths about their own positions, such as the following:

  • That they are not justified in bringing claims for benefits.
  • That they don’t have valid claims.
  • That their policies (or policies of liable parties after auto accidents or similar events) do not cover what the claimants are asking for.
  • That they will not be paid the benefits that they deserve.

France Litigation Group understands these tactics very well and fights on behalf of policyholders and others who have the right to proper benefits.

Is An Insurer Putting Up Roadblocks?

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